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That Darn Travelocity Gnome
Love Him, or Love to Hate Him?

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Who's the most famous gnome in America? While some would hold out for David the Gnome, the true winner would have to be the globetrotting Travelocity Gnome, whose effete British accent and ill-advised travel tips have graced a long-running series of television commercials for his cleverly named employer. This ever-cheerful fellow, easily identified by his red spiked hat and plastic grin, has been traveling about on vacation and sending back his droll missives for several years now, with no end in sight. While gnomers love to see the wee folk given more attention, some folks are unable to take Mr. Travelocity seriously. Some would argue this is a gnome who's become way too commercial. Others love him because... well... just because.

Gnomes Who Roam

This little traveling gnomic TV star is hardly the first of his kind, at least insofar as his adventures go; in fact, roaming gnomes are actually quite common. Taking your little buddy on vacation with you is actually a cool fad that is enjoyed by young and old alike! And taking pictures of your wee gnome on this vacation adventure is actually growing in popularity. Send your pictures to us – we'd love to post them on this site for all to enjoy.

The traveling gnome theme was one subplot of the 2001 French film Amélie, in which a young girl conspires with a stewardess friend to take her father's beloved garden gnome all over the world, sending back reports from famous locations in hopes they can inspire her dad to travel. What this film inspired was even more cases of gnomegnapping, though it was hardly the origin of this wrongheaded practice. In fact it goes back more than 20 years, when a little fellow in Sydney, Australia was kidnapped from his front yard and forcibly vacationed for two weeks before he was released.

GnomeGnapping – Fun or Felony? does not endorse gnome kidnappings. It's one thing if you are playing a well intentioned joke on a friend or family member... but you can bet your red pointed hat that there is always someone out there who takes it to the extreme. Never mind the trauma to the poor little wee folk involved, not to mention their pining human friends. These extremists do not intend on returning the gnomes they have taken. As our British friends will attest many fine gnomes have been "nicked" (stolen) in broad daylight! Sadly, many gnomes that are stolen are never returned or are damaged and left in their own yards.




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