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From Garden Gnomes to Phenome- GNOMES!
Where garden gnomes were once a secret pleasure, gnome lovers are popping up like mushrooms all over the world! Stay on top of all the current gnoming trends. Click here to see the magic of gnomes from around the globe.


Who is David the Gnome?
Heroic David the Gnome illustrates why kindness is so important. Sure, David the Gnome's world may be a cartoon, but at PhenomeGNOME.com, we believe it's a message worth sharing!


Finally, Fairy Doors for the Vertically Challenged!
Fairy doors or gnome doors, call 'em what you will; these tiny portals are just right for our friends the faerie-folk, as PhenomeGNOME.com happily reveals!


Honoring German Garden Gnomes Worldwide
Without German garden gnomes, the history of gnomes would be no history at all. Visit PhenomeGNOME.com, and you'll see why you should adopt a few wee folk.


Magical Gnomes to Call Your Own!
Jolly little gnomes can restore the magic missing in your life. Garden gnomes or house gnomes, they add whimsy to any spot -- even when they're being naughty!


Look out -- Naughty Gnomes on Parade!
Those merry naughty gnomes! Whether they're evil garden gnomes or simply tipsy, they represent the rise of a wild new gnomic subculture. Don't look, Ethel!


That Darn Travelocity Gnome - Love Him, or Love to Hate Him?
The genial Travelocity Gnome and other friendly roaming gnomes are fair game for gnomegnappers. At PhenomeGNOME.com, you'll get the straight scoop on this nasty practice!


Gnome Buyers Guide
Gnoming is our passion! Click here to buy Garden Gnomes and Gnome Accessories such as; fairy doors, bridges, wishing wells, windows, decks, windmills, gnome books & more...


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Garden Gnome Picture Gallery

Garden Gnome Pictures From All Over The World!


Gnoming it up! The Pro Gnomers Guide To Garden Gnomes!

Table of Contents

Part One: Famous German Garden Gnomes: Origins of the Wee Folk

Part Two: Cute Garden Gnomes and other Woodland Gnome Ancestors

Part Three: Gnomes Enemies: A Rogues Gallery of Trolls & Goblins!

Part Four: Why Gnomes Mean Good Luck & Other Folklore

Part Five: Why Your Garden or Home Needs Gnomes

Part Six: Why Fairy Doors & Gnome Doors Aren't Yours to Close!

Part Seven: Kidnapped Garden Gnomes - Fun or Felony?!

Part Eight: PhenomeGnomes

Part Nine: Naughty Garden Gnomes, Underpants Gnomes & More!

Part Ten: Hollywood Gnomes

Part Eleven: Free the Garden Gnomes! Adoption, Domestication, or Slavery? You decide!












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