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According to gnomic lore, the first gnomes were formed out of primal Chaos along with the rest of the world, and set in place to guard the underground riches of the Earth, specifically precious metals and jewels. Historically, different families have guarded specific treasures, from veins of copper and gold to seams of coal. (It's possible that there are petroleum gnomes, but the literature, and the gnomes, remain mute on this subject). In the old days, before most gnomes elected to move above ground, they developed the ability to swim through soil as easily as you and I can walk through air. Needless to say, this made their guardian duties much easier. There was a time when some were willing to help humans discover natural treasures, but those times seem to have passed.

Gnomes simply love precious and semi-precious stones, and when they put their minds to it can produce beautiful cut gems. Some point to this as proof that gnomes are somehow related to dwarfs. However, other researchers emphasize their ability to swim through soil and suggest that they are, in fact a kind of spirit. This would fit well with Pratchett's theory that the term "economics," which signifies the human science relating to treasure, is derived from the words "echo gnomics" -- literally "reflected sound of underground spirits."

Why Your Garden or Home Needs Gnomes

If the local gnomes find you of suitable temperament, they will begin to let themselves be seen; and if they come to approve of you, they may be willing to move into your garden or even your home, provided you offer the proper enticements. But if gnomes do move in, expect them to do more than just party (which they'll do anyway). They'll repay your kindness with horticultural largesse in the garden, and good luck in the home.

Not only will they take care of your plants, gnomes will very likely take care of your pets, too. As previously mentioned, they have an abiding love for animals -- except, of course, for cats. Their amateur care can never replace that of a veterinarian, but they'll definitely help you keep your pets in good shape, and will give them all the pettings they deserve when you can't. And woe betide anyone who mistreats your animals: a gnome, being seven times stronger that a human, packs quite a wallop.


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