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Gnomes Enemies:
A Rogues Gallery of Trolls & Goblins!

A gnome's life isn't all pipe smoking and gardening. As sweet as most gnomes are, they do have their enemies. Foremost are the trolls, who are the very antithesis of gnomes. Noisy, shiftless, stupid, dirty, hairy and unkempt, trolls are found primarily in the colder areas of Eurasia and Scandinavia. Siberian gnomes have been known to consort with trolls, and in fact can be downright nasty, at times to the other gnome races (thank goodness they prefer the weather in Siberia).

Then there are the goblins, which in some cases resemble gnomes but are not at all related. Make the mistake of suggesting otherwise and your might find yourself with an empty garden the next day. While their clothing may be similar -- they wear black, pointed caps -- goblins are darker than gnomes, have long, pointy ears, and delight in being wicked. They live in forested areas, from which they undertake raids on gnome and human habitations. They like to frighten people, and carry little shovels with them, because they're always trying to steal the gnomes' treasure -- which brings us to another important fact about gnomes.

Yes, kitty cats. Gnomes are not fond of cats at all. While cat lovers all over the world would heartily disagree - gnomes do not find cats to be trustworthy. However, they do tolerate them and will help them if they are ailing - they are always very cautious whenever a feline is around.


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