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We are passionate about Gnomes! Expect a touch of the magical on every page, as we explore the myth and reality of those tiny, pipe smoking garden dwellers we all know and love. For those of you who may have wandered in by mistake, we're talking about those cute little gnomies: miniature people, something like fairies or small dwarfs, who wear pointy red hats and frequent gardens. In their native habitat, they're often found in the company of elves, imps, sprites and other faerie-folk, and even the occasional nymph (hubba hubba!). Gardeners are particularly fond of the wee folk, as they're called, since they tend to bring good luck with them wherever they go.

Garden Gnomes are loved all over the world because they...

  •  Bring good luck
  •  Are very good at gardening
  •  Love to help animals
  •  Are just darn cute!

So if you happen to live near a gnome family, your pets will find themselves in good hands (tiny hands, but good ones nonetheless). Not to mention the fact that your yard will look better than it ever has it will be tended to by "Master Gardeners".

Give a gnome a home!

Gnoming has to be one of the most wonderful pastimes there is, because the average lawn gnome has personality, although he may be made of ceramic rather than flesh. True gnomers will make do with statues of the wee folk only -- ceramic, resin, plastic, or cement representations that celebrate gnomic culture and society. We'd never think of confining real wee folk to our gardens, although of course any gnomer would be thrilled if such a magical being were ever to take up residence willingly! Besides all the luck that would accrue from a true gnomic garden occupation, all the plants and animals in the vicinity would benefit from their cheerful benevolence.

With their upbeat, luck-bringing personalities, our pipe smoking little heroes have been favorites of gardeners for more than a century. Finding a well-preserved antique figurine is a real coup -- there's nothing like a vintage gnome to brighten up the garden, the more wear and tear the better. Faded paint and chips gives the little chaps character (and value)! Just think of the envy your fellow gnomers will feel when they realize you've got a sweet little Heissner German with a wheelbarrow inhabiting your yard. Of course if you give him too much work, they just might find that he's sleeping, propped up on a sign that proclaims "On Strike!" The wee folk are wise enough to know their rights, after all, and most are quite literate. Then again, he may have decided to express his musical side, so don't be surprised if you catch him warbling a jaunty tune on a hornpipe, flute or violin!

Vintage, Antique or Gnew?

Of course, old figurines aren't the be-all and end-all of the gnomic garden. One can do perfectly well with little plastic or resin fellows from the Home and Garden section at the local Mega-Mart, at least until you can add to your population of wee folk with the occasional Klaus Wickl or Kimmel Gnome. Think of the Mega-Mart refugees as Americans, with the Wickl and Kimmels as their more refined European brethren. Imagine the lovely tableaux and groupings you can create -- veritable gnome villages, if you dare! Only, for heaven's sake, do work to keep out the naughty ones. There's nothing like a naughty gnome mooning the passersby or whizzing in the bushes to embarrass visitors to your garden!




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