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Who is David the Gnome?

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Who indeed! Everyone knows the hero of many a gnomer and millions of children all over the world, David the Gnome was the title character of a popular animated TV series called The World of David the Gnome, which was first broadcast in the U.S. in 1987. A Spanish import, the series was based on the books Gnomes and The Secret of the Gnomes, which were published by Dutch gnome experts Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen in 1977 and 1987, respectively. Poortvliet was an accomplished artist, and filled his books with lavish paintings of gnomes at work and play. More than anyone, perhaps, Poortvliet has shaped the modern conceptions of what gnomes look like, and the various aspects of their culture. His lush illustrations of the wee folk triggered an upsurge of interest in these helpful, miniature people that persists to this day.

David's world was, of course, a magical one, which he shared with his tiny wife (the portly Lisa) and their two children (gnome ladies always give birth to twins, you know. Very small ones.) They were a family of woodland gnomes, so of course they lived in a miniature house built beneath the roots of a tree, shingled with the scales of a pine-cone. David was the patriarch of his gnome clan, and as such was often forced to deal with disagreements among gnomes and even between gnomes and their arch-enemies, the trolls. Because he was a kind, peace-loving little fellow, he was usually able to avoid any serious trouble for the wee folk.

David & Swift the Fox

Being a gnome, David naturally had many friends among the woodland creatures who called his patch of woods home. Because of their generous natures and general helpfulness, woodland gnomes are always loved and protected by their forest friends, who often cooperate in their adventures. In fact, David's trusty steed was a fox named Swift, who came whenever his tiny buddy whistled. You see, on top of all his other responsibilities, David was also a skilled physician who traveled about the forest on Swift, helping and healing injured woodland creatures, as well as gnomes and any other magical creatures they encountered. David may have been small in stature, but he had a big heart!

Gnome Cartoons

If you've ever watched this enchanting cartoon on Nickelodeon or The Learning Channel, you just might have recognized a few of the voices. The narrator was the distinguished actor Christopher Plummer, while David himself was voiced by none other than Tom Bosley, Richie Cunningham's Dad from the '70s TV show Happy Days (now there's a blast from the past). While it's true that David hasn't been the only gnome to appear in animated form -- there are other gnome cartoons about, including a famous South Park episode (Underpants Gnomes!). However, the series about David and his family is perhaps the most famous because it represents the true gnome society and lifestyle of quiet kindness and helpful good deeds. His show taught children to respect and enjoy nature as it is, and to try to resolve their conflicts peacefully. Both are lessons that all kids, small or grown, would be well advised to pay attention to.




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